Here We Go

LEV Strategies is open for business and I am raring to go. I am excited to use my skills and experience to work with amazing teams to drive innovation, meaning, and growth in industries, clients, and social enterprises.

This is a pivotal time for brands and marketers to think about their relationship with their customers.  Brands have never been more fragile and on the flip side consumers have never been more open to a new kind of connection with brands than they are right now.

People patronize the brands that reflect their values, they emotionally connect with the brands who talk about their values openly, and they spend more of their money with the brands whose values they share and/or admire. Today, there is a new “values proposition” far beyond the classic four “p”s and through brand story telling, keeping consumers in the arc of the narrative, moving emotional expression front and center-ahead of product and service attributes-and shared values expression, a new kind of loyalty is unfolding.

The new, true value proposition is a VALUES proposition — you can get deeper and more frequent spending from consumers who believe they share values with the brands and companies they do business with.

These days, your product has to prove itself to consumers — consumers have tons of access to information and are getting smarter and better about how to use that information- reviews and otherwise. Many products are similar to competitors and this heightened competition is keeping prices down. Consumers are making better, more intentional choices. In some ways, the tides have turned and consumers have the upper hand.

The old definition of shareholder — meant you owned stock — these empowered consumers actually consider themselves stakeholders- they are investors and want to know what the company they give their money to- whether it is for a candy bar or an insurance policy-they want to know what they stand for- if their values are aligned with theirs.

This is what has been on my mind as I've formed LEV Strategies, as I've considered how fun it might be to help clients understand current consumer sentiment and how to infuse consumer insights into their corporate culture, their product pipeline and innovation cycle, their brand story and communications plan. This is what I'm here for.  

Let's do this.

Tommy Hernandez