About Mandy

I formed Lev Strategies to help companies identify opportunities for more strategic and compelling consumer connections.

I am a catalyst for my clients to get "unstuck" and move forward towards a stronger, authentic and more effective relationship with customers. I have a knack for asking the unasked questions that uncover frequently overlooked or hard to see gaps between products, brands and the consumer experience. I help my clients find and leverage the sweet spots in consumer connection.

My strengths are an innate understanding of human beings combined with a keen business sense.  I understand the motivations behind human behavior and the values that drive those behaviors. Of paramount importance, I know how to translate consumer behavior into actionable strategy for clients. Clients embrace my ability to articulate key issues, predict trends, identify opportunities, provoke new thinking and energize their team. With a focus on actionable insights, I have worked with executive management, heads of research and product managers to develop consumer focused marketing plans and product design initiatives. For the past 2.5 years, I served as the CMO for Roland Foods- an 85 year old specialty food company based in New York City. While there, I worked directly with the CEO to pivot the brand by leveraging its heritage, authoring a mission that reflected where the company had evolved to, re-designing their logo and website, forging strategic partnerships to open the perceived and real aperture of their offerings. My final and most exciting project was to launch their magazine- Larder.

I am back to working with individual companies - currently staffed on a Microsoft project to re-invigorate employee enthusiasm for their perks and benefits, a re-naming project for a recruiting firm and a branding project for a CA based CBD company. I recently spoke at the Ecuador Family Business Network annual meeting and have also spoken to employees at the annual Patient Health Perspectives conference. Feel free to inquire about opportunities for me to come speak and fire up your employees, customers or leadership team.

Before starting my own firm, I spent eight years as a Vice President Strategist with Iconoculture- a consumer insights firm that is now part of the Corporate Executive Board/Gartner. At Iconoculture,  I consulted with clients to translate consumer insight into actionable business applications according to their unique initiatives and business objectives: marketing and communications, promotions, programming acquisition and launch, advertising and promotion, and overall audience engagement. In addition to spending my days providing strategic guidance and consumer insight for Fortune 500 companies and top agencies across business categories, I lead the Sustainability & Cause Marketing practice- focusing my research and client deliverables on storytelling, new loyalty drivers and the new attitudes of the post-recession consumer. I keynoted the 2014 Iconosphere client conference with my talk on loyalty titled, "The L Word: Loyalty Beyond the Program".

Prior to my tenure with Iconoculture, I was an insights manager on the beverage innovation team at Starbucks and prior to that role, I was a marketing manager at Amazon where I launched the apparel store and supported the Amazon credit card launch. I was a "pioneer" in web marketing when I helped launch several CitySearch sites nationwide as a marketing manager back in 1998 and 1999. I began my marketing career as a copy writer for the in house ad agency at Esprit.  I earned my Bachelors degree at Middlebury College (Spanish/Latin American Development) and my Masters in Business Administration at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management (Marketing), where I was named the Christian Marsteller Scholar for achievement in marketing.

When I'm not consulting or promoting smart and fun clients, I market the accomplishments of my amazing and ever-challenging three girls and my little porch granola company - Greater Good Granola. If time and weather permits, I try to make regular bike dates with my favorite guy, Clay.